Eezym social media campaign

Realco is the world leader in enzyme-based cleaning products. In 2018, based on its professional range Realco has decided to launch its range of consumer products. In order to educate its customers, Realco has decided to activate its consumers and in particular "millenial moms" via a social media campaign.

Morphosis was appointed to analyze the target group and create a video clip to educate its consumers and go against a myth that bio/organic  products are more expensive and less effective.

Morphosis created 3 video clips and created the little baby in 3D. This baby is now used also in Point of sales materials, event identification, ...

The education in the clip is :

1. Statement of a problem
2. Visual catch of this problem with the baby
3. The Realco solution
Social media videos
Consumer activation, Social media
Belgium, Romania