Braun launch of new blood pressure monitors

Braun via the company Helen of Troy entrusts to Morphosis the training of salesmen for the use of his new Blood Pressure Monitors (BPM). In the field of connected health, the use of BPM is growing rapidly. Braun, a premium player in the sector, has entrusted Morphosis, a customer experience specialist, with the training of salespeople from five major retailers in Europe for the use of its devices.

By nature, the connected health market is sensitive. Salespeople at major retailers, who do not have medical training, are asked to inform their customers on various points: the supply of BPM on the market; the correct use of the blood pressure monitor; optimal measurement of blood pressure; the recording and finally the interpretation of the results. The proper use of these equipments also imposes the respect of certain recommendations as much to carry out qualitative measurements as to record and to interpret the results.It is in this context that Morphosis was called by Helen of Troy to develop a communication and training program not only to raise the awareness of the sales staff of major retailers in consumer electronics companies about the use of its BPM, but also and especially to educate and engage them so that they become true counselors.
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