Morphosis has developped a training to earn the right to change the dialog with your partner

The objective of the training is to understand the power of CATEGORY SELLING STORY and learn how to tell a compelling story through creation of a pitch deck that transforms DATA INTO INSIGHTS that partners can use to grow their business.

We will share how to develop the perfect pitch deck

We will first IDENTIFY our differentiation and ask the right questions to engage with partners more strategically.

Secondly, we will learn how to refine our pitch so that we EARN THE RIGHT to discuss category management and shopper management with our retailer by transforming SKU data and insights into intelligence.

By changing the dialogue and making it scalable and sustainable we will move from Transactional Selling to Category selling story


And finally, we need to use both these methods to CHANGE THE DIALOG with our partners by making strategic recommendations that will positively impact their business.

After this course you should be able to :Clearly describe difference between Brand/Transactional Selling and Category Selling StoriesHelp your partners identify and solve their Category Business opportunities by using Category Selling StoriesSell in your initiatives as a solution to Category opportunitiesImmediately use different types of Category Selling Stories towards becoming a trusted advisor


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