The flow used to define the strategy to adopt is divided into 2 stages.
First stage includes 3 steps the “briefing”, the “insights” and the “creative” proposal.
The second stage covers the activation of the strategy and the measurement of results.

The alignment between the client and Morphosis is performed during the Briefing; the objectives to reach, the KPIs to use and financials aspect are
covered in this phase.
In the insights phase we use our funnel to define the opportunity we cover the Client strategy, the Consumers insights, the Market
Insights and the client’s partner ecosystem.
After these 2 steps we start the creative/design and strategic proposal iteration step.
In this phase Morphosis starts the implementation of the strategy or/and the production, installation and maintenance of the assets 
The last step is the measurement and analysis phase of the results. We close the loop.

We look at the 3 axes: the showcase value of your products for your consumers, the economic value of your partners and the willingness of your partners to work with you