Engage your customers by driving a great journey across all channels, engaging them with a personal, relevant, seamless and differentiated experience. Ensure that your sales team tells a story that matches the needs and wants of your customers. Gain insights to personalise the customer experience. Transform your business into an agile company fitted to adapt, innovate and thrive — even in disruptive times.

In a world where consumers are becoming co-creators and competitors double as collaborators, Morphosis shows you the way to break the barriers..

Morphosis is an interim management, consulting and coaching company specialised in transformation in the experience economy and digital era. Morphosis helps manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods with an end-to-end approach. Together, we develop, implement and apply the strategy needed to raise brand loyalty in a world where consumers are in control.

Morphosis is a partnership between Flow Studio (Creative Company), Consumer Lab. (Consultancy Company), Common Sense 33 (Coaching Company), One2many (Training Company) and Outform (Innovation and retail experience Company)


  • EXPERIENCE MARKETING : Today, it is rare to encounter a truly new product. Customers value experience over goods themselves, relishing the transformation they enable. It’s about time we optimised the stage, the actors and the script.
  • CATEGORY SELLING STORY : Category management helped retailers and manufacturers sell products more efficiently and effectively. Not bad for a simple eight-step process. Over the years, though, many marketers have forgotten that the key to sales success lies in knowing what moves your consumer.
  • REVENUE MANAGEMENT : When promotions and price strategies are not driving sufficient ROI, the challenge consists in deploying a data-driven but merchant-smart approach. Let’s look at the share gap, traffic gap, shopper gap, profit opportunity, competitive gap and inventory opportunity to turn things around.
  • BUSINESS MODELING : With disruptive new entrants and channel blurring, retailing and manufacturing are more competitive than ever before. Your strategy shoulf identify where to pay and how to win during this wave of industry transformation. Aim to create a business model that describes the rationale of how your organization creates, delivers and captures value.
  • TURNING DATA INTO INSIGHTS : Digital disruption is not, by definition, a negative occurrence. It is a phenomenon that forces change. Companies can use it as the imperative to engage customers differently with more personalised, tailored, and data-driven messages across the consumer journey. All of this data turned into insights can be leveraged to your advantage.
  • TRAINING : Successful businesses enable their teams to perform at their best through training, coaching and development that is tailored to their unique business needs.
  • COACHING : In a constant changing environment at a rapid pace and in many directions, humans have sometimes a tough time ‘harmonising the watch and the compass’… A coaching traject is often an efficient tool to realign the personal ‘why’ with the professional ‘why’. Accompanying individuals through collective change is a co-creation with organizations’ decision makers.We offer a tailor-made approach.
  • VISUAL IDENTITY & BRAND CREATION : We translate your client’s world, his views, thoughts and desires into appealing visuals. From the very first prototypes right down to the final packaging put up on the shelves, we’ll give your brand that much-coveted body and panache — from scratch, if need be.We will visualise your consumer’s journey before we do anything else. Carefully selecting the right channels, we target your audience through tailor-made media, suited to draw your customer’s attention.
  • GROW YOUR BRAND: Drawing on your brand’s strengths, we will carefully reinforce your product both online and in-store, pressing the exact right button to create an experience that’s as big for your customers as it is for your sales numbers.
  • LOGISTICS: Need some boots on the ground? We are more than happy to help you with the roll-out of your product, both on and offline, every step of the way.




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